Breakfast of Champions…

Breakfast of Champions…, originally uploaded by maharetr.

A friend sent me a link to some delightful photos of the evolution of a “conversation” that was (past tense) on a toilet wall at Curtin University. I am a Curtin student, but have never set foot on campus, so it is nice to be able get a feel for the place through Flickr. I have also never met the photographer.

The series started with a drawing. Then someone added something else, and more was added and so on. Eventually the whole thing was painted over leaving a clean wall for the next round. Here’s the last shot of “the rabbit that wanted to be a toad, and other tales” (before it was painted over).

One word links this to popular culture on the internet – “bunneh”. That is in a distinct grammatical form known as “kittah”, the language of LOLcats. If you don’t know LOLcats I can fully explain that another day. Might be a few days, as I have to put my computer in for service for an unknown period of time.

(edited because the connection between Flickr and WordPress stuffed up mightily)

p.s. click on the image to go to the original image, and then to the series itself


2 Responses to “Breakfast of Champions…”

  1. sajbrfem Says:

    I would love to hear you explain the LOLcats in more detail, I know what they are from all the pictures, but I know nothing of the history or the ‘why?’

  2. Pam Rosengren Says:

    I wrote a brief history of the “why” earlier this year when I was doing a unit of Folklore Studies. I will see if I can post that essay as a static page on this blog, or somewhere else – after I get my computer back – it is going away now for a few days.

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