The end of the internet as we know it – again

It looks as though there is yet another way to end the internet as we know it. Italy is doing it this time, by drafting a law which will, if enacted, make it compulsory for every blogger to register, to pay tax (whether or not the blog is for money-making), to form a publishing company that will hire a registered qualified journalist to be the director of the blog…

Which would wipe out upwards of 99% of blogs – and that is probably the idea. For more, see Beppe Grillo’s Blog.

Some folks don’t seem to like the fact that citizens are currently able to publish what we like, and to sometimes contribute significantly to public affairs. Fixated on that, these legislators also forget that most blogs are innocuous expressions of people’s daily lives. I mean, what about knitting blogs? Will they have to do all that too? What a farce. The Italian legislators are starting to resemble Senator Ted Stevens I am afraid.

[I know knitting blogs were unfairly bagged out during the Aulstralian Blogging Conference, and I defended them. I promise I will post some of my knitting soon.]


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2 Responses to “The end of the internet as we know it – again”

  1. mhward Says:

    Hang on – they were bagging knitting blogs? Who was? Give me his name so I can send The Boyz round to his house!!! Seriously, what’s the story?

  2. Pam Rosengren Says:

    The whole thing was an unconference, with everyone participating. There were a few people leading the session on citizen journalism, and the comment disparaging knitting blogs came from the floor. It was someone with a fancy-named high profile political blog. It’s all right The Girlz got him. [The Girlz = myself and Jean Burgess.] We loudly defended knitting blogs as non-trivial and valid things to be doing. He quickly retracted his words.

    Somehow I knew it was going to happen, and I had even intended to bring my knitting, but I’ve just got a laptop for the first time and haven’t worked out how to type and knit simultaneously.

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