Interactive shoot-em-up news broadcasts?

Today at the Creating Value: Between Commerce and Commons conference in Brisbane I had the pleasure of meeting Henry Jenkins. Professor Kerry Raymond of QUT was talking about how the Wii had improved her global news: when the Wii is connected to the Internet with the Wii Channel active and Wii News selected, a world appears and you get news from whichever part of the world you click on.

I wanted to know if I could still keep hitting my virtual punching bag while the news came in. Kerry said no. I was disappointed. That’s when Henry Jenkins said “I want news you can shoot!”

Such fine convergent thinking. And I have to say it would be good.


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One Response to “Interactive shoot-em-up news broadcasts?”

  1. Pam Rosengren Says:

    Today I received a comment about this post.

    It simply said “i would like to know how to broadcast to all the blogs on the internet” and “thank you”.

    That would be blog spam, and nobody likes spam. To do it you would need software known as a spambot, and you would need a good one because blog hosts such as WordPress all use software which combats spam. So really, what you want to do would be impossible. The web isn’t a broadcast medium like radio or TV.

    Blog owners, such as myself, use settings which control who can post to their blog. Your post was automatically held for moderation because it was the first time you have posted here. I am not going to approve it, in case you are a spammer trying to get past my settings.

    I chose not to flag your post as spam, however, because I searched your name and I realise that you may be reaching out from a penitentiary somewhere. (I found it on a web site that requests penpals for inmates.)

    Marvin this is not the way to do it. It takes time to develop a genuine presence on the web, to develop skills in searching and communicating, to find where you belong, and for the right audience to find you.

    If any of you have been posting like this to lots of blogs, and if the blog owners have flagged your posts as spam, then all future posts you make might go straight into the spam. That could affect future posts from anyone where you are. If it looks like this is happening, let your IT administrators know and they may be able to change the IP address that your internet connection has.

    I haven’t blocked you Marvin, so ask me something again if you need to. Below this comment would be the best place.

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