About me

In 2009 I completed a Master of Internet Studies online at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. My major was Policy and Practices, and I focusssed my studies and research on how government and corporate policy impacts on cultural practice on the world wide web. Since the name of the course has changed, and my major is no longer available I will describe that more fully on another page.

Prior to this my sensible career was in Medicine, having obtained an M.B., B.S from the University of Queensland in 1982.

Otherwise, in my heart I remain an art school drop-out, from the National Art School, East Sydney (long may its funding survive). I do photography, drawing and design as hobbies when I can.

I like the education I have had, as it gives me the ability to approach anything from a humanities, scientific or creative perspective; and to see things from the intersection of all three. Emphasising this diversity is as close as I am prepared to get to the current notion of ‘personal branding’. I mistrust anything that might make my life smaller, and I have no interest in defining any presets for my thinking. I will use whatever tools I have in whatever way my content requires.


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