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The Web is Agreement

November 7, 2007

The Web is Agreement, originally uploaded by psd.

Someone posted a link to this on the AoIR list today. It is worth looking at full size (the A2 PDF is good). I love “Mordorsoft” and the Pol Pot pile of skulls in front of DRM, and of course the moral compass.

Currently (yes, still – my chronic lifelong health condition has not been behaving this semester) I am writing up a research piece on internet governance. While I love this drawing as it is, and will be printing a copy for my study, I could add lots more to it.

The web is governed by code, lots of different kinds of code as we see here. It is also governed by legislatures, lots of conflicting legislatures all of which want the final say – an impossible situation, as Michael Geist explains. Corporations have a huge say in what happens on the web, and we have to remember that just as corporations are not democracies, the social spaces they architect are not democracies either.

Open Source community platforms are something I want to see (and be in). That way we will reclaim community governance of web spaces.

When I am done with my assignment I will start drawing…