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I denied being a goth when my friend asked, but

August 27, 2008

Caterpillar#5bis, originally uploaded by Frederik en Katleen.

I must be. I’m so in love with this Caterpillar that artist Wim Delvoye has laser-cut into fine lace. It is on the Belgian coastline, near Middelkerke. There are several others, shown on Delvoye’s web site; and then there are his other gothic works, including stained glass windows made with x-rays of guts and stuff. They are amazing too.

Some say this Caterpillar is parodying religion and industrialism at the same time. Others say it is Steampunk elevated to High Art. It definitely has the pseudo-Victorian look of steampunk. The artist himself describes it as gothic. As always, the interpretation of these things is in the eye of the beholder, so I am not going to try for the “correct” one. I wonder if there is a photo of it against the sunset, reverently bowing its head?


Interactive shoot-em-up news broadcasts?

June 25, 2008

Today at the Creating Value: Between Commerce and Commons conference in Brisbane I had the pleasure of meeting Henry Jenkins. Professor Kerry Raymond of QUT was talking about how the Wii had improved her global news: when the Wii is connected to the Internet with the Wii Channel active and Wii News selected, a world appears and you get news from whichever part of the world you click on.

I wanted to know if I could still keep hitting my virtual punching bag while the news came in. Kerry said no. I was disappointed. That’s when Henry Jenkins said “I want news you can shoot!”

Such fine convergent thinking. And I have to say it would be good.